Rotary Platform Mats

Rotary Platform Mats are strong, heavy-duty rubber matting, with a high grip profile to prevent cow slipping.

The mats provide fantastic cow comfort with a softer surface to prevent the rocks from going into the hoof helping with lameness, and cows slipping. The mats are also warmer, quieter and more comfortable. Ultimately improving animal flow, faster milking and increased milk production. But most of all reduces the risk of the cow slipping off the platform.

The ease of use of platform mats installed leads to an uncluttered layout of the dairy shed and improved productivity.

Milking efficiency is improved by reducing the number of time milkers spend encouraging cows out of the dairy and well-designed exits will reduce cow injuries.


The Rotary Platform mats can be used for:


  • Roll Size: 1.8m x 20mm – 20mm thick
  • High grip profile
  • Easy to clean
  • Still grip when muddy
  • Webbed/mesh reinforcing for extra strength
  • High MPA / Tensile strength
  • Can be driven on
  • Up to 10-year warranty* conditions apply.
rotary platform mats

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