UltraGrip Mats

UltraGrip Mats are high grip mats especially engineered for high use areas and extreme New Zealand conditions.

UltraGrip mats create excellent comfort and grip for your cows in yards, standoffs, down the bales of the shed and other areas where the cows can do with a bit more comfort and grip, ultimately improving cow lameness and overall animal health.

ultra mat - top and bottom


  • Size: 1m x 1m
  • interlocking system with countersink screw holes
  • Natural rubber compound
  • Stud underside for drainage
  • Strong interlocking
  • Recessed holes for ease of scraping and hoof protection
  • Easy to scrape clean with brush, scraper or flood wash or hose
  • Provides cows with maximum grip and confidence
  • Reduces lameness and creates happy comfy cows
  • Round stud profile on both top and bottom
  • Up to 5-year warranty* conditions apply. 
Ultra Grip Mats

Frequently Asked Questions

Can UltraGrip be scraped?

Yes UltraGrip can be scraped with a tractor scraper if there is no flood wash

Will the cows lie down on the UltraGrip matting?

Yes the cows will lie down as it provides an excellent soft surface for them to sit on.

Is it easy to hose and clean and will my dung buster on backing gate work on it?
Yes the large gaps for the water to flow through makes the mat easy to hose down and clean and allows the effluent to flow off the mat, it will also clean with a dung buster and a backing gate works great on it.

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