Peter Sullivan Milks 550 cows lose to Kaponga, Taranaki uses the EasyMst UltraGrip Mats for his yard.

“We were getting bad slipping all through the yard, and had to put a handful of cows down – we needed a solution. We matted the whole yard to solve the problem.

Our yearlings go into the herd shelter and feed on the feed pad, which is concrete by the yard. We decided to open the yard gate one day and they all fed and went onto the yard and relaxed before being put back in the wood chipped covered herd home. The young stock is so much easier to handle on the EasyMats. It saves time and anguish, no longer seeing animals slip over, grazing themselves or worse on the concrete.

If a springing cow is drafted into the yards accidentally, she will stay there as she knows she will calve on mats if she has too. It’s all about peace of mind and animal confidence.

Cows loved them’ they know they can move comfortably anywhere on the mats.

The cows are more confident and settled, which makes us as owners happy, and staff confident they won’t have any cows slip over and hurt themselves.”

Peter Sullivan

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